"We knew we needed to create a plan for our children, but between jobs, kids and every day life, our Will & Trust just kept getting pushed back.  We reached out to Shawna for help, and she made the process simple.  She met when it was convenient for us, got the information she needed and then pulled everything together.  She was thoughtful, compassionate and gave us ideas on situations that could apply to us.  It was a tough thing to think through, we are so glad we did it! Shawna just made it easy to understand and put together." 

- Stephanie & Mike, Half Moon Bay, CA

"We knew we wanted to set up a Will & Trust and wasn't sure how to do it.  A friend recommended Shawna, and we couldn't be happier.  Shawna made it easy.  We were able to create a solid plan for the future for our girls."

- Janet, Belmont, CA